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2021 5 Wells Chardonnay

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The Adversity Cellars 5 Wells Chardonnay is completely different from any Chardonnay the winery has crafted before. Where the vineyard is located, they knew it would have the classic crisp flavors enjoyed in white Burgundy, but with the hang time to capture some of the beautiful textures that California is so famous for. The wine is intentionally made to be a little reductive hoping to achieve the intensity found in Meursault and the flamboyancy of the best Sonoma Coast Chardonnays. This is complexity and harmony at its most perfect balance, making it one of those rare Chardonnays that captures both finesse and power. 
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The story

Russell Bevan's passion for wine dates back to his days in highschool. Everything he has done in life up to this point in time has pushed him to become the winemaker he is today.  To date, he has crafted double digit hundred point wines but is excited to embrace the challenge of crafting wines from these dynamic sites that force the vines to deal with so much Adversity. 

Heidi spent the last 8 years flying and running an aviation company, enjoying the challenges this type of career presented to her.  Since meeting Russell and getting married, Heidi has moved in to the wine world helping with tastings and working at the winery side by side crafting the wines with her husband Russell.

The team

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