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Our Story

Melier was founded in 2020 and launched in 2021 by longtime entrepreneur Greg McBeth and wine industry executive Dan Zepponi. The founding story as told by Greg:

"I got the idea for Melier after tasting so many incredible wines that I heard about through friends, but never came across in a google search. After talking with dozens of vintners and wine lovers it became clear that there was an opportunity to showcase these amazing artisanal wines and support family-owned wineries, all while building a successful and fun business.

I knew if I could get our wines into the glass of more wine lovers, they'd develop an appreciation for the wines just like I did. The problem was, while I knew a something about starting a company, I knew nothing about the wine industry. I also had the gift of timing and chose to launch an experiential business during the height of a global pandemic. I was so fortunate to have met Dan [Zepponi] when I did, and to be able to learn from his 40+ years of experience in a truly unique (and often counterintuitive) industry. It's been an amazing journey working with him, and I have no doubt that the best is yet to come for Melier."

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