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Catastrophe is an incredibly bold blend of cabernet sauvignon with a kiss of cabernet franc. This wine is a fighter, as you would expect from something born into a vintage that will forever be known for its fires. The spot-on acid and tannin fight for your attention and attack the front and back pallet but never comes across as ponderous for all of its mass. Blueberry and cherry flavors dominate, but there are significant notes of chocolate, mandarin orange, and hints of fresh toast. This lively wine is the perfect style for big hearty dishes. 

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Napa Valley, CA


Cabernet Sauvignon

More about the wine

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of the Erba vineyard is rugged. The vineyard is not only vertically challenging, it is also on a hillside that is wind swept each and every day. The combination of elevation change and constant assault by the winds forces the vines to create small berries that make incredibly dense and powerful wines. The wines from this vineyard will be incredibly long-lived. All of the wine-making emphasizes on polishing the wines’ textures so the site’s natural wild profile can be showcased. Located on the eastern portion of Atlas Peak, it has its own unique pocket of terrior. Power, strength and raw energy live in each and every drop of wine that we make from this majestic estate.

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