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April Executive Retreat

April Executive Retreat

Melier is the gateway to a completely new world of undiscovered wines and hidden gems within Napa Valley. Thank you for joining us today at this event.

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We pair the best artisanal wines with unique tasting experiences curated just for you. We'll tailor your membership to your unique taste and preferences, and pair you with wines that you'll love, all from California. Receive member-only access in limited wine allocations and experiences, exclusive to Melier members. 
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Cuvaison Estate Winery
2020 Pinot Noir Rosé


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Melier partners with over 30+ producer and brands in the Napa Valley region, to curate the best wines that fit your preferences. Our experts pair your preferences with the wines we intimately know will delight your tastebuds. We'll introduce you to the producers through their stories, origins and the stories behind the labels.

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