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Top 5 Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing Ideas

Top 5 Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing Ideas

Top 5 Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing Ideas

Cabernet sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines in the world. It originated in France, but the grapes are now grown in many other countries, and it consistently ranks as one of the top-selling red wines year after year.

Cabs are a full-bodied warming wine with a high tannin and alcohol content and a rich oaky profile. This gives it a distinctive flavor profile that goes well with many different types of foods. The strong flavors can easily overwhelm lighter dishes, so they are often best paired with heartier meals such as steak or lamb chops.

If you’re looking for cabernet sauvignon pairing ideas that will impress your friends and delight your senses, we’ve just the recommendations.

1. Braised Beef Short Ribs

The bold tannins in cabernet sauvignon match well with fatty foods in general. Short ribs are quite fatty, so when consumed, the fat coats the tongue and palate, cutting through the dry astringency of the wine and making it seem much smoother. Braised beef recipes typically also involve a lot of herbs, many of which mirror the flavor profiles of Cabs.

2. Roasted Duck Breast

Duck is another relatively fatty meat, so cabernet sauvignons naturally pair well with it. Choose a particularly fruity cab with a duck pairing, like our Priest Ranch Coach Gun, the rich black fruit flavors will complement the potent flavors of the duck meat. 

3. Braised Red Cabbage

Don’t forget side dishes when looking for when wine pairing! If you braise red cabbage in Port, you create an excellent pairing opportunity for a similarly profiled Cab Sauv. Rather than cutting through fats and bringing out contrast, this pairing gives an opportunity for flavor harmony, which provides an interesting variation in the broader meal.

4. Italian Meatballs

Italian food goes well with cabernet sauvignons because Italian dishes typically include meats and cheeses, which are fatty and flavorful. Moreover, tomatoes are, of course, a staple of Italian food, and their acidic profiles match perfectly with the acidity in the wine, making a satisfying pairing.

5. Fruity Desserts

Cabernet sauvignon pairings are suitable for dessert stages, too. Some excellent pairing flavors include cherry, blackberry, cassis (a kind of berry), vanilla, and chocolate. Desserts made with chocolate are a classic match for Cabernet Sauvignon because they accentuate its dark notes as well as its acidity.

Final Tips on Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing Ideas

One of the most important things to know about food and wine pairing is that you want to pair a wine with food that will enhance its flavors. Certain dishes will bring out the best in the wine when there is unity between the two, but you can also use contrast to balance your meal. Avoid pairing foods with similar flavor profiles because they can be fighting or amplifying the same flavors, which wouldn’t complement your meals.

Remember that pairing does not always have to be about flavors alone. Wine is something you feel and something you drink, and you can use your choice of wine to affect the rest of the outcome of an exciting experience or perfect day. Maybe you had an exotic car experience at the Sonoma Racetracks. Had a long day on the slopes in Lake Tahoe? Warm up with a nice glass of 2018 Boeschen Vineyards Carrera Red Blend in front of the fire. Tough day at work? Destress by pairing your Cab with hearty comfort food. The choices are endless!

If you would like more tips to help you pair your favorite wines and foods for delectable culinary experiences, subscribe to our newsletter.

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