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The Perfect Wines for Mother’s Day

The Perfect Wines for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to surprise Mom than with a beautiful aromatic bottle of wine instead of flowers. The two are similar in that they both have terpenes, the floral and fragrant compounds that invigorate the senses. But only one makes dinner conversations with your weird uncle more…interesting…and doesn’t require water or food to stay fresh (just an oxygen management system like Repour).

Need some help picking out the perfect wine for Mom? Let’s immerse ourselves in some of the most aromatic wines that you can pick up for mom to become her favorite child for the day and be the hit at your family dinner.

Viognier. This varietal tends to be a fuller-bodied white wine, often aged in oak to add richness on the palate. Depending on style, you may find lighter flavors of honeysuckle, tangerine and mango or a creamier weight on the palate with notes of vanilla and spice. You are likely to experience an oiliness with a Viognier, a texture I really enjoy. If Mom likes Chardonnay, she’ll like a Viognier.

Keplinger Wines makes a lovely blend of 57% Viognier, 26% Roussanne and 17% Grenache Blanc. Each varietal fermented a little differently contributing to the richness and texture in the finished bottle. Complex aromatics of honey, pear, chamomile, peach and crushed stone immediately jump out of the glass. On the palate, a perfect balance between the fruit and spice where honey, guava, hazelnut, apricot and sage playfully mingle with one another.

Albariño. A grape varietal dominant in the Rias Baixas DO of Spain, this cooler area close to the sea contributes to its naturally high acidity. A fuller-bodied style is also possible by oak and lees aging, bringing more texture and richness to the wine. Depending on the style, Albariño often displays citrus, peach, melon and mineral notes. A refreshing white wine that pairs nicely with seafood.

Spirit Horse Vineyards carries an exquisite 2018 Goddess Reserve Albariño displaying notes of grapefruit, honeysuckle and bright acidity. This varietal is grown along the banks of the San Joaquin River, which contributes to the beautiful aromatic characteristics. I love a good story behind a bottle. Named after Epona, the Goddess Protector of the Horses, this therapy horse works with children in need. You can’t beat the value on this one, reasonably priced at $24.00 a bottle.

Sauvignon Blanc. A highly aromatic grape with strong herbaceous flavors and high acidity. Depending on the region where it is grown it can display light aromas of green apple and asparagus with a hint of wet stone or leading aromas of gooseberry, grapefruit and passion fruit. This high acidic wine pairs nicely with Asian food, salty cheeses and light meats.

Mathew Bruno Wines makes a light energizing Sauvignon Blanc perfect for the patio. The primary fruit characters are retained and kept fresh through 100% stainless steel fermentation, bringing out aromas of lemon zest, apricot and honeydew with mouthwatering flavors of peach, lemon and citrus. Higher alcohol, 14% abv so make sure you share it with a friend. Another great value at $35.00 a bottle.

There are so many beautiful aromatic wines out there, these are just a few of our favorites and should go over well with Mom. If you aren’t familiar with aromatic wines, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, we promise.

Brooke Martin, The Brooke Blend

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