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2019 Ancien Coombsville Pinot Noir


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The Mink Vineyard grown on volcano ash is a unique expression, savory, mouthwatering with minerality and old-world style. The real secret to Mink’s explosive flavors, smooth, mouth-coating minerality, comes from the soil. Underneath is a layer of compressed volcanic ash, called tufa. The tufa drains the topsoil, storing moisture in its porous structure. The vines are able, with some work, to grow roots into the tufa layer, accessing moisture during the long, dry growing season.

We consider the 2019 vintage to be an exceptional one with all the makings of wines to be enjoyed at release as well as over the long term. It there was any downside, the crop was on the lower side of yield - so a little less wine to go around!

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Carneros, Napa Valley, CA


Pinot Noir

Classic Mink flavors of blue fruits, pomegranate, cherry notes, with hints of fresh herbs. Darker fruits blend with notes of cocoa to balance the bright juiciness of blueberry and plum. Fine, chalky tannins with a different feel than any new world Pinot we have encountered - we often call them "Italian tannins" perhaps owing to the volcanic origins of the soils. As it opens, the minerality becomes more and more apparent balancing the hedonism of the Mink fruit and beckon you in for another mouthwatering sip. Age in the bottle will reveal the underlying depth of this wine as it evolves and broadens on the palate. This wine delights upon release, but a recent 20 year vertical reveals it has staying power rare among Pinot noir from any growing region

More about the wine

The grapes were destemmed into small, one-ton, open-top fermenters, with traditional hand punch downs,and aged the wine in Billon cooperage, a barrel that tends to sit subtly underneath the delicate fruit, liftingaromas without crowding them. The wines were racked once, gently, prior to bottling. Grapes, must, andwines were moved using gravity through to the barrel and a gentle push with inert gas through racking and bottling. 242 cases produced.

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