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2016 BW9 Semillon


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The Semillon vines are located in our Block House vineyard in Yountville. This is the site where the very first grapevine was planted in the Napa Valley in 1837 by George C Yount. These 36 rows of Semillon vines (a 13-acre block) were planted between 1970 - 1990 by Andy Pelissa, the 2nd generation family member before he passed away. Today, they are dry-farmed and have a St. George rootstock. They are head-trained without a trellis wire. These Semillon grapes are sought after by Steve Matthiasson, Rajat Parr, and other famous winemakers.

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Napa Valley, CA



This Semillon has bottle-aged to give this particular varietal the time it needs to reach its full potential. Semillon -- in its youth -- can be subtle, delicate, and mild. However, after some aging, the characteristics and body really start to shine forth. It is a special type of white wine that can still be fresh after time in the bottle. Upon opening this bottle, fresh notes of beatiful citrus, apricot, and honeysuckle jump from the glass. At only 12% alcohol, this is a clean white wine with a soft, yet full palate: apricot and honeysuckle are confirmed with a lovely citrus finish. Overall, this Semillon is an incredibly special and delicious wine that you can enjoy now -- or age for another 5 to 10 years to see how it unfolds. 

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